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If only Pacha’s self-confidence was as big as her dreams. Pacha is a little girl awakening to her immense gifts and bringing them to the world. Pacha's imagination is bigger than the Andes Mountains - homeland of her ancestors. When she goes to sleep, the characters on her pajamas become her guides on dream adventures to learn more about herself and her connection to the natural world.

The night before the biggest dance performance of the year, a coughing fit causes a panic as to whether she will even be able to participate. Pacha’s parents calm her with a gift of magical pajamas, which take Pacha on an epic dream adventure to spread the message that We Are ALL Connected!

That evening, as Pacha put on her new PJs, she had a funny feeling that her life was changing. What’s more, she had lots of questions for her father.

“Does the sky breathe?” she wondered. “Does it choke on all the smoke and storms in the air? And before people, did animals make the rules?”

Pacha paused as her eyes rested on an old gorilla mask on the shelf near her bed. She had worn it for the Halloween performance last year. (She had forgotten her lines, but there was no worrying about that now.) Putting it on, she danced like a goofy gorilla, exclaiming, “Can I be a dancing girl-rilla in these pajamas?” as if all her problems had gone away.

Her father laughed. “So many questions, mi angelita. Maybe if you jump in bed faster than a little jaguar, you will find the answers in your dream.”

Pacha stuffed the gorilla mask into her pajama pocket, snuggled into bed, and drifted away.

It all began when a whale shouted to a hummingbird—something that doesn’t happen in just any dream. 

“Help! Help! I’m drowning!” yelled the whale.

The crimson-chested hummingbird stopped midair and hovered above the splashing beneath her. Pacha was hiding behind a tree near the shore, shocked by what she was seeing. 

She later met Whale and Hummingbird as well as Jaguar, Tree, Pebble, & Mushroom from her pajamas, as well as grubby little tick. They were all lamenting the state of their home... except Mr. Tick who knows Pacha is disguised as a Lil' Gorilla.

“Growing up in the barrios between two concrete slabs, I had to learn how to be a fun guy!” Señor Champigñón exclaimed. “I found out that if you want to get people’s attention, you have to throw a fabulous fiesta!“

The group bounced with excitement. Pebble and Señor spun in place. Hum zipped around Tree, who took deep breaths and swayed in the breeze. Jag and Lil Gorilla roared like crazy. Everyone smiled with their beaks, fangs, and everything else they had to smile with. Everyone except Mr. Tick.

The mushroom popped up again and shouted so loud that even the sleepy whale jumped up. “I think we need to…throw a Nature Festival!”

Though Pacha was not thrilled about “getting the word out”—she felt handicapped by her lack of experience in the wild—she wanted to do her part. She was asked to tell the primates, of course. She hoped to not mess up.

Pacha and her stallion friend Buster galloped from urban jungles to vast and dense forests, Lil Gorilla gave PACHA JAMMA invitations to the presidents, kings, and queens of every primate nation. All in all, she told 543 species, 72 genera, and 13 different families!

The festival was 7 days and & 7 nights. The main acts were in the stadium, with a million species in attendance. But even more were outside, at the nine biome stages.  

The water-world of oceans and rivers splashed out in all directions to her right while the terrestrial world of mountains and plains drifted off to her left like a giant Zen painting.

All seven domains of animals were present—the reptiles, avians, mammals, and insects on her stage left and the mollusk, arthropod, and chordate domains on her stage right.

Lil Gorilla did her best superstar walk out onto the stage, waving and blowing kisses while the crystal strobe lights flashed. She felt more confident than ever, having stopped that wicked tick once and for all. Somehow her stage fright was nowhere to be found. She was in her element!

It was like watching Myco Jackson for the first time—jaw dropping! The peanut gallery was going nuts.

At the end of her dance performance, however, Pacha felt everything go into slow motion, though the audience didn’t have a clue. She saw how much everyone loved her dancing and it confirmed for her, something that she had felt all along, that maybe she didn’t need to hide behind the gorilla mask after all.

After the inaugural PACHA JAMMA festival, the world's flora and fauna formed the PACHA DAO to decentralize the planning and hosting  of the PACHA JAMMA festival en perpetuity. The DAO voted to open up the second PACHA JAMMA to all the dreamers: animals, plants, and humans alike.

Meanwhile the world of animals launched many PRP NFT mints in preparation for the next festival. Out of nowhere millions of animals signed up to perform at Animal Idol 2022 : boring apes, mutant turtles, high rollin' hippos & endless other species.  

In recognition of the overwhelming force, the Pacha DAO decided to launch the Team Pacha NFT set of 11111 girl dreamers followed by 1111 boy dreamers, 1111 wilder whales, 1111 jags, 1111 magical mushrooms, 1111 talking trees, 1111 pesky pebbles, 1111 helpful hummingbirds, and 1111 playful platypuses.

Join Team Pacha -- 9999 dreamers taking on all comers at Animal Idol 2022. Outperform and earn rewards in PACHA tokens and NFTs.
Meanwhile, the Mr Tick and the parasites plot to take down Animal Idol 2022.  Probably nothing.

Hero for Gleam.gif

Pacha Jamma 2 & Animal Idol 2022 are NEAR.

Mutant apes!
Deluxe Bears!
High Rollin' Hippos!
To prevent a repeat of the stampede from in the first PACHA JAMMA, PACHA DOA has is limiting the stadium capacity to 88,888 beasts at a time.

For more updates, see PACHA DAO's Medium post.

Get Your Perform Pass! May the odds be ever in your favor... 

Animal Idol 2022 is NEAR! All comers welcome!

PACHA JAMMA 2 is the first gathering of the nifty animals world. The Team PACHA is challenging all comers. Pacha DAO has authorized 9999 performance spots for any nifty animal or humanoid from any chain. Get your flex performance pass today!
The VIP passes offer greater flexibility and value.   

Pacha boy and girl dreamers and mutant Apes compete against Lion Cats and High Rollin' Hippos on biome stages for the chance to advance to the wild and wooly Animal Idol talent contest. 

Open mic, rap battles, poetry slams, dance offs all ensue.

It's all happening this summer at PACHA JAMMA.

All SFW Fauna PRP accepted. Other nature PRP and humanoid PRP may be required to purchase an animal disguise.

After 4 years, we're bringing back PACHA JAMMA!  The mission of the Pacha DAO is to spread Pacha's message that We Are ALL Connected around the world by hosting the PACHA JAMMA 2 festival and Animal Idol 2022 competition. Stake PACHA to earn royalties.

Join the DAO for exclusive benefits, opportunities, and members-only Discord channels by purchasing a Pacha DAO Founders Club or Community Member NFT. Private pre-sales now.

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